The Matthews of Delmarva

On the Eastern Shore of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.
This site is the result of an attempt to document the genealogy of the MATTHEWS family lines originating on the Delmarva Peninsula. According to, Matthews is a patronymic surname meaning basically "son of Matthew." The given name Matthew, from which it is derived, means "gift of Yahweh" or "gift of God," from the Hebrew personal name Matityahu. Mathis is the German version of the surname. Matthews with a double "t" was more popular in Wales. Alternate spellings of the surname include MATHEW, MATHEWS, MATTHEW, MATHIS, MATTHIS, MATTHIAS, MATHEU (Old French), MATEO (Spanish), MATTEO (Italian), MATEUS (Portuguese). This website will attempt to use MATTHEWS exclusively unless it is a direct quote.

Even though the focus of this collection is the original MATTHEWS family lines that settled on the Delmarva Peninsula and their descendants, the families of spouses may also be represented. This helps the living descendents with their family research and in some cases with their eligibility for membership in organizations such as the Jamestown Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, Sons of Confederate Veterans, etc.

This is a work in progress and the data is updated frequently. Any family information, documents, pictures or related data that you wish to share and have included in the database is always encouraged and is greatly appreciated. There are quite likely mistakes in the database and it is always appreciated when they are pointed out for correction.

The majority of this work was compiled by Lloyd Matthews using the Family Tree Maker database. It was exported to a GED file and then imported into a Master Genealogist database. Some events and flags may not have matched up between the two databases. Over time these mismatches will be corrected. If you have any information on the family lines that you want to contribute please contact either Lloyd Matthews or Jim Matthews. If you have documents or pictures that are not in an electronic format, you can send them to the compiler and they will be scanned and immediately returned. Contributors will be noted on this website.

For further information, contributions, corrections, etc. contact the compilers at:

Jim Matthews
7114 Harlan Lane
Sykesville, MD 21784
Lloyd Matthews
11 Redhaven Place
The Woodlands, TX 77381